Our mission

Success factor user experience

Enthusiastic users are the multiplier for the success of your application.
That’s why we combine the user’s requirements with specific business goals and design interactions that suit both- individualized and custom-fit.

We create digital experiences by passion, profession and an intuitive mind. And thus, a seamless, simple and useful interaction between user and application.


UX Design Team at Micromata

We are...

… part of a software house, everyone is under one roof, speaks the same language and has identical goals for your application. Short chains of command and direct communication with the development teams are our strength and your benefit.

… a team consisting of different and versatile characters. That’s why we view every project from different perspectives – and always at its entirety. For us, openness and honesty are not just empty phrases, but foundations in every phase of the cooperation. We don’t just think proactively – we always feel and look ahead.

Our added values for the customer

UX Design increases porductivity

Productivity enhancement

  • Users quickly and efficiently achieve their goals
  • Users are intuitively guided through the application
  • Reduced service and training requirements
  • High level of usability means less time investment and consequently lower costs
UX Design increases motivation

Satisfaction & motivation

  • Bright user eyes thanks to the ease of use
  • Positive user experience increases motivation for frequent use of the software
  • Satisfied users become brand ambassadors for the application and thus also for your brand
  • User and customer loyalty are invigorated
Positive brand awareness

Positive brand perception

  • Positive impacts on the recognition of the brand
  • Improvement of quality perception
  • Building trust in the application, the service and the brand
  • Support of company goals
UX Design generates business success

Success in business

  • Strengthening brand value through enthusiasm and satisfaction
  • Consolidation or acquisition of a unique selling proposition and a competitive advantage
  • Simultaneous cost reduction as less service and training is required
  • In this way, successful UX design becomes measurable

How we work


Together with you we analyze your business goals. We identify the requirements and challenges of the users. These two factors form the basis for successful development.


How can your goals become reality? What are the key aspects? Together we develop a strategy and reach for the stars.


Our ideas become real and can be experienced: with sketches, wireframes and prototypes we create a solution that is not only intuitive to use and generates added value, but also leaves a long-lasting impression.


Our team of developers, designers and security experts takes care of the realization. Your goals and the user´s requirements become reality in the source code.


We accompany you at the start of the application and turn your roll-out into a lift-off. …and make your software fly.


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We look forward to learning more about your projects and challenges.

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