Digitalisation accelerates market dynamics and presents companies with completely new challenges. Modern, user-oriented software is a decisive competitive advantage here. Fast time-to-market of applications, feature development and bug-fixes are standard features. To quickly bring complex ideas and requirements to market, we rely on interdisciplinary teams of developers, designers, security experts and system administrators. The use of state-of-the-art, open-source technology and agile project management methods provides our teams with reliable tools for developing high-performance custom software.

Your added value

Partnership with added value

Your core business is just as unique as your company itself. With the focus on your needs, we work with you together to develop the optimum solution for your requirements. There are no off-the-shelf products, just as there is no standard in our approach. Let’s shape your future together.

Open source stands for independence

No room in this world is big enough for our team. This is because we rely on open source technology and generate your technological edge with the innovative strength of the entire community – and we do this with technical independence.

Thinking ahead technologically

Technologically advancing and constantly thinking outside the box is not just a means to an end. It is a passion and a spirit of invention and discovery. Only in this way, can we keep creating new solutions with maximum future certainty – and put them to use for you.

Performance with security

High-performance applications are the key to maximum user satisfaction – and thus to the economic success of the project. Together, we optimise your software, tailored to your specific needs. Regardless of whether this is for internal company use or for over one billion requests per month.

How we work


Holistic solutions emerge from holistic design. To optimally map your requirements in our development, we involve our experts from all areas right from the outset - from requirements engineering to UX design, through to IT security.


For us, agile software development means reacting quickly and flexibly to changes and extensions. Modern project management methods, interdisciplinary teams and joint, integrative cooperation with our customers are special success factors.


The stable, secure and high-performance operation of software can and should be individually adapted to the needs of a project. Be it DevOps, cloud or our own Micromata servers, we host, maintain and service your application and support you throughout its entire life cycle.


Let’s go!

We look forward to hearing from you about your project.

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