GASCADE: natural gas transports made transparent

The EU-compliant publication of gas network data at GASCADE

GASCADE gas transport

Thanks to its high calorific value and clean combustion, natural gas is a sensible alternative to other fossil fuels. GASCADE transports natural gas and operates a natural gas transmission network of more than 2,300 kilometres throughout Germany. The company meets the European transparency requirements for network operators using Micromata software.


The European energy market is mainly regulated by EU Directives. An essential aspect of these requirements is the creation of transparency by the electricity and gas network operators, with the aim of giving all players in the market fair access to the networks. For this purpose, contributions should be made to extensive disclosure obligations, among other things.


As one of the largest German gas transmission system operators, GASCADE meets these requirements and has commissioned Micromata to develop an online service in collaboration with the company’s internal IT department, which will make the required data accessible via the internet. All relevant gas data such as capacity, load flows, calorific values ​​or nominations are now processed in a user-friendly manner on the GASCADE company website, and can be fully accessed by network users.


To meet these requirements, Micromata has developed software that can display all relevant gas data. At the same time, the publication of the respective reports at the individual network points can be flexibly configured and adapted to the constantly changing conditions.
So that the aforementioned data can be updated fully automatically, Micromata has programmed specific interfaces that allow the required information to be fed in from various GASCADE systems and made available to the user online. In addition, they flow to the Federal Network Agency, for example, via other communication channels.
To guarantee the necessary performance and flexibility, two interface servers from Micromata are in use – the Genome Talend Server (GTS) organises and coordinates the data transfer in the form of “jobs”, making it particularly dynamic and agile. The Micromata Interface Server (MIFS) runs various internet transmission protocols such as HTTPS, Dcom and SFTP, thereby keeping the data transfer secure and flexible.

Jörg Siedhof

BU Manager