DHL online franking: a 24/7 mailbox

50 PDF files per second – DHL online franking made by Micromata

Online franking made by Micromata

DHL is one of the world’s leading providers of logistics services. The international network of DHL connects more than 210 countries and territories all over the world.

The background of DHL online franking

Only those who are qualified and fast on the market can differentiate themselves from the competition and secure a crucial market share. Therefore, demanding parameters had to be considered – Both in technical terms, as well as in terms of user guidance. On behalf of DHL, Micromata programmed an online franking service that makes it possible to pay for parcels and parcel stamps online – highly available and 100% secure.

Implementation of DHL online franking

DHL online franking generates 50 PDF files per second. It is also available m 24/7/365, and also performs very well under high data load. Thanks to its scalability, it is also expandable and can be quantitatively expanded at any time.
The user can easily and conveniently access the application via the internet. Clear screens guide the customer via a secure connection through the product selection, to the address data input, to the payment and up to the printout of the franked dispatch note on their own printer.
The customer selects a product, adds recipient and sender information, pays via PayPal or POSTPAY, prints out the stamp, books a collection or gives the package directly to the post office. eBay customers can take advantage of a very special service. You no longer need to enter your shipping details manually, but you can transfer them to the DHL application with just a few clicks. Security for all pages is 100% guaranteed.
DHL online franking is an important competitive differentiator for us and a key factor in our multi-channel strategy. The choice of the right IT implementer was critical to success in order to obtain an equally flexible and high-performance application. The key criteria for working with Micromata was our good experience from previous projects, their PDF expertise and, of course, the compelling offer.

The Micromata team did a great job implementing the application. In particular, the vast understanding of the topics and the proactive development of solutions enabled us to stay on time, on scope and on budget.

Henning Endruscheit, department manager at DHL IT Paket.

Hendrik Thole

BU Manager