Research and development

R&D projects from Micromata are rich in innovative solutions. They are often interdisciplinary and funded by the German federal government. Many of them address urgent questions of the time with intelligent solutions.

Research and Development projects
PrOFI research and development


ProFI, another coined term, stands for “targeted prototyping for enhanced innovation”. The goal is the standardisation and professionalisation of prototyping as a core element and basic prerequisite for achieving tailored web applications.

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Vaminap Micromata research and development


The abbreviation VAMINAP stands for “on-site monitoring of pharmaceutical residues, micro and nanoparticles in the effluent of urban wastewater treatment plants by means of photonic methods”. Similar to DENAID, it is also a technology for detecting harmful substances – this time in the water cycle.

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Intelligent swap body control in transport logistics


The acronym InWeSt stands for “intelligent swap body controller” and aims to optimise the transport of goods by rail, road, water and air in such a way that resources are conserved and the general volume of traffic is reduced.

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Machine Learning for DENAID


DENAID is the name of a detection platform for the verification and identification of explosives. This is exactly what it’s all about – increasing security in the public space by detecting and then rendering harmless hidden explosives.

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